Buying A Computer Printer Ink Cartridge: Black Or Color?

There are many types of printers in the market these days, and when you get to a computer shop to get one, most of the time you end up confused on which one you should be buying. But buying a computer printer is not enough. After you buy, you still have to go for the computer printer’s ink cartridge, the toner, the paper or any other printing accessories.

Basically there are several types of printers in the market nowadays. To name a few would be the toner based printers, liquid inkjet printers, solid ink printers, thermal printers and dye-sublimation printers. Each of these printers has their own function and properties, but all of them have something very much in common. And that would be the color that they print. All of the printers, except for certain ones, come in two printing option; black and color.

If you choose color, then you install a color computer printer ink cartridge, and if you choose a black one, then you would have to install a black ink cartridge. For the purpose of knowing, you have to know that for black color printing, there are tens of types of printers that can do the job, which only a few are listed above. But when it comes to color printing, only color printers have the capabilities.

Color Printing

Color printing is very common, and as we know there are two types of color computer printer ink cartridge, which would be the individual one and the singular three-colored one. The difference between both would be that individual cartridge would only contain one single color, and you buy several cartridges when you are refilling your printer, whereas for the single three colored one, you only need to buy one; for all the colors are inside that one computer printer ink cartridge.

Black Printing

This type of printing is called the monochrome printing, and usually only black is involved. If you were to print something that has colors and shading, most of the times it would be printed in grayscale mode, where different shades of black and grey would be used to differentiate the shades of colors in the picture or document. This graduation of tone is done in the computer itself before the information is sent to the printer, so there would be no necessity to worry about the printer’s capability.

Usually a black computer printer ink cartridge costs cheaper than the color ink cartridge, and it only has one single cartridge, regardless of what type of printing head you have. Even if you have the individual colored ink cartridge, you would be still using a small black ink cartridge.